Dance India Dance 6th March
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Kushboo Prohit from Remo Ke Rangeelay starts dance india dance 6th March performing on Mahiya Mahiya.

Remo Ke Rangeelay

Rakhi, Bhavna and Prince dance on the song Race and MI-2

All Judges were impressed with the performance, Remo and Prince performed together on the stage.

Khushboo, Salman and Mangesh perform on Azeem o Shaan

Mithun Da gives a standing ovation and all judges clap for this performance.

Terrence Ki Toli

Jai Kumar Nair and Vrushali was on the lines of a Broadway theatre to the beats of ‘Maa ka laadla. The concept has puppetry and dance theatre style being showcased where Jai and Vrushali play two puppet characters who come to life. Remo just could not help but smile through the show.

Mayuresh Wadkar and Alisha Singh, performed a Contemporary Modern dance, ‘Tadap tadap’. The concept is a love saga wherein Alisha is about to get married to Terrence and then remembers her former love …. Mayuresh.

Geeta Ki Gang

Siddhesh and Nonie, perform the Marathi folk dance ‘kombdi palali. The concept had Nonie dressed in a Kashthi Navari Sari and Siddhesh dressed like dada kondke.

Saumya announces that in two weeks there will be wild card entries. They show all the eliminated contestants requesting a second chance.

Siddhesh and Sunita performed a contemporary dance on the lines of ‘Kal ho na Ho. The concept had Siddhesh and Sunita remembering their former teammates … Paulson, Jigar and Mandakini.

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