Jack Gill
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Jack Gill is a highly skilled choreographer and dancer based in New York City. He is the founder of the Bad Wolf Production company and gained recognition through his appearance on the television show "So You Think You Can Dance." Jack received his education in the performing arts at the Bardar Academy in Oslo, where he specialized in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and Theatre Dance. In 2010, he won the Norwegian Championship in Dance and also took home the title of World Champion in Hip-Hop Street Battle that same year. He was later awarded the Jacobs Pillow Scholarship in 2012 and has performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concerts and the World Ski Championships.

Jack gained further fame through his appearances on the television show "Dance India Dance" in 2009 and "Jhalakdikhlaja" in 2014, where he trained Lara in her performances. He has also worked as the Associate Choreographer for The Full Monty directed by John Walker and as assistant choreographer for the musical Sweet Charity in Athens, Greece. In addition to his work in choreography and performance, Jack has taught dance in various locations around the world, including Paris, Malaysia, India, Serbia, Greenland, Israel, and throughout Europe.

He has also worked with well-known dancers such as Chet Walker, Bob Richard, Shanon Lewis, Dana Moore, and Bill Hastings. Jack has further expanded his career by assisting Remo D'Souza in the Bollywood film Happy Ending and appearing in ABCD 2 (Any Body Can Dance).

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